HPI | Horse Power Ignition
These replacement ignitions can be used with the original flywheel, and are available for left- as well as right-turning engines.

For many European motorcycles: KTM, Montesa, Husqvarna, Bultaco, Rotax...

Replacement Motoplat Kit

Replacement PVL Stator

Replacement Selettra CDI
Installation manuals Motoplat
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MTP13901: CDI 9635103 - Single
MTP13902: CDI 9635103 - Double
MTPC0001: CDI for innerrotor system
MTPH0001: HT-Coil for innerrotor system
MTPK5890: Kit: Stator ø58, basep. 90 + CDI + HT
MTPK5894: Kit: Stator ø58, basep. 94 + CDI + HT
MTPK6390: Kit: Stator ø63, basep. 90 + CDI + HT
MTPK6394: Kit: Stator ø63, basep. 94 + CDI + HT
MTPS5890: Stator 360Ω, ø58, baseplate 90
MTPS5894: Stator 360Ω, ø58, baseplate 94
MTPS6390: Stator 360Ω, ø63, baseplate 90
MTPS6394: Stator 360Ω, ø63, baseplate 94

MTP13101: CDI : 9635004-9635007-9635403-9635404-9635451
PVLC8010: CDI for 80Ω stator
PVLC2013: CDI for 120Ω stator (45°)
PVLC6012: CDI for 160Ω stator (28°)
PVLC6011: CDI for 160Ω stator (Hattinger)
PVLS8000: Stator 80Ω, ø58, no baseplate
PVLS8090: Stator 80Ω, ø58, baseplate 90
PVLS8094: Stator 80Ω, ø58, baseplate 94
PVLS2000: Stator 120Ω, ø58, no baseplate
PVLS2090: Stator 120Ω, ø58, baseplate 90
PVLS2094: Stator 120Ω, ø58, baseplate 94
PVLS6004: Stator 160Ω, ø58 (Hattinger)
PVLS6007: Stator 160Ω, ø58 (Zabel)

068K027: Complete HPI replacement (Hattinger) 068K027: Complete HPI replacement (Zabel)
SELS8090: Stator 80Ω, ø58, baseplate 90
SELS8094: Stator 80Ω, ø58, baseplate 94
SELS2090: Stator 120Ω, ø58, baseplate 90
SELS2094: Stator 120Ω, ø58, baseplate 94
SELS6090: Stator 160Ω, ø58, baseplate 90
SELS6094: Stator 160Ω, ø58, baseplate 94
SELC5003: CDI + HT-Coil
SELC5007: CDI + HT-Coil