HPI | Horse Power Ignition
CDI options:
 Exhaust valve / Tacho exit
• UNIVERSAL: The CDI will have an additional red wire that can be connected to work on most REV-counters (tacho).

• TWO-STROKE POWER VALVE SYSTEM: This system is used on some bikes as an improvement to a conventional two-stroke engine to give high power output over a wider RPM range. We have developed our CDI's to work with some of these systems: Yamaha's YPVS and Suzuki's AETC.
 Exhaust valve / Tacho
        Universal (tacho)
        YPVS (Yamaha)
 2 Curves
The CDI will have two additional wires that allow you to switch between two different ignition curves. Selecting the curve can be done by simply connecting or diconnecting these two wires, or by selecting the curve with a switch (image on the right).

Order code for the switch: 068V064
 2 Curves
Analogue CDI - Curve 068

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