HPI | Horse Power Ignition
With this kit you're able to measure the following:
  • Power and clutch on the wheel and crankshaft. These measurements are in accordance with ISO or DIN standards, and can be corrected as temperature, air pressure or moisture changes. The full loss of the powertransmission due to the cogwheel, the clutch and the chain is also taken into calculation
  • The distance covered during the measurement. This enables you to compare the acceleration of different distances of a measurement with a higher top power and a smaller curve to a measurement with lower top power and a wider curve
  • The RPM of the engine, taken from the high voltage bobbin
  • The skid between the back wheel and the roller
  • The speed, with a range up to more than 300 km/h
  • The accelerationtime in order to judge the measuring progress

  • Possible options:
  • LAMDA measurement
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Electrical starter

  • The software:
    'Overdrive' only takes a few minutes to be able to work with, and therefor you'll quickly be able to execute accurate measurements. The program is easy to maintain and can be operated by one person. There is no ware to the tyres. The PK-, Nm- and LAMDA-curves are easily printable. (For the latest version, download Deutsch)
    Overdrive v1.96
    English | Français | Deutsch (v1.98)