HPI | Horse Power Ignition
The Digital HPI CDI-unit offers:

  • True 3D ignition curves
  • Selectable 2D and 3D maps via handlebar switch
  • 6 Different curves
  • Maximum spark energy
  • Adjustable rev-limiting
  • Adjustable power jet operation

  • The Digital HPI CDI-unit is developed for optimal racing performance. Made from state of the art technology and based on 25 years of experience in motorcycle-electronics. Your engine will start easier and will run at the highest possible performance.

    The unit allows you to tune your engine for maximum power and this for different tracks. The Digital HPI CDI-unit comes with all the required connectors and wiring, making replacement of your standard CDI as easy as possible. Your Digital HPI CDI-unit can carry up to 6 different curves within the unit. Saving different curves in the CDI allows you to use the optimal curve for different tracks without the need to reprogram the unit. These curves are easily selectable while racing.

    The TuneBox program supports the creation, programming and management of different curves through an easy to use graphical interface. The curves are programmed using a high performance algorithm providing accuracy of 50 RPM and 1/4 degree for every point on the curve. The software can adjust rev-limiter and power jet operation.

    With the Digital HPI CDI-unit you can optimise the performance of the engine for several parameters including power. The full 3D ignition mapping guarantees maximum engine performance for every RPM and throttle position including bikes with T.P.S. carburettors.

    All Digital HPI CDI-units deliver massive gains on the track, where you'll really notice the difference. With improved throttle response and smoother power delivery, horsepower gains that make your bike feel stronger. All this equates to faster lap times to get you to the front of the pack, and WIN!!!!

    * Units with a CODE ending with a D are digital units (eg. CD1205D)
    * Units with a CODE not ending with a D are analogue units. (eg. CD1102)