HPI | Horse Power Ignition
Universal light ignition:

• Self generating outer rotor, CDI Ignition system - no battery required eliminating need for battery charger.
• Specific electronic advance/retard curve allowing easy starting and maximum performance.
• Commonly fitted for classic race applications where the low inertia flywheel allows for rapid engine acceleration.
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Installation manuals
Installation manuals
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Seperate parts
All parts are seperatly available:
rotors, stators, baseplates, CDIs, HT-coils...
Blank sets
If your engine is not listed, a blank set may offer the solution: spin the correct cone in the rotor and construct a base plate to fit your engine.
Programmable CDI
Draw your own ignition curves, and program them into the CDI.

Available for all kits:
1/2/4 cylinder - 2/4 stroke
210S190/194 STATOR
CDI: 210C130